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Foreign Language Department

General Introduction


  Foreign Language Department offers courses in the majors of Business English, Tourism English, and Tourism Japanese with three-year study and English self-taught professional undergraduate course study. It sets up 7 language professional laboratories, and 6 practical training bases inside and outside the province. Foreign Language Department has the faculty with higher-rank academic titles, 31professional teaching members, including 3 associate professors, 1 certified senior lab technician. 8 teachers get the Master’s Degree, 11 teachers are studying in postgraduate courses. Double-quality teachers account 50% of the whole teaching staff, and one teacher returns from overseas, and one foreign teacher from other country.

  Foreign Language Department has gained outstanding achievement in teaching and scientific research items. In recent years, the teachers have undertaken 1l various tasks of scientific research items, among which includes 3 provincial major research courses. The teachers of the department have edited or assisted in editing 6 textbooks, participated in compiling 13 textbooks, and published over 70 theses in various level publications at home and abroad. Two items have achieved the third prize of Teaching Achievement Prize in Sichuan Province.

  Foreign Language Department persists in the principles of "combination of practice and learning “and "Duo-Certificate teaching" in personnel training. The Department has established the Training and Exam Center of Chengdu Textile College of National Qualification Attestation for Foreign Trade Managers, and has cultivated abundant of applicative graduate talents who have practical abilities and creativities in foreign languages. It has widely been associating with a lot of enterprises and provides a bright prospect of employment to the graduate for a long time.

  Brief Introduction of Major


  1. Business English
  Training Objectives:
  This major is to train the students to obtain the ability of English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating; to get familiar with the process of foreign trade operation; to know about business knowledge; to operate the modern office equipment skillfully; and to become the practical talents of business English.
  Main Courses:
  Comprehensive English; Business English Reading; English Listening; English Phonetics; Oral English; Business English Translation; English Interpretation; English Practical Writing; International Trade Theory and Practice; International Trade Documents (Bilingual Teaching); Foreign Trade Communication; Electronic Business; Office Automation and English Audio Typing; Cross-culture Business Etiquette and Body Shaping.

  2. Tourism English
  Training Objectives:
  This major is to train the students to obtain the ability of English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating; to know about the basic theory of tourism and hotel management; and to become the senior practical talents.
  Main Courses:
Comprehensive English; English Reading; English Listening; English Phonetics; English Translation; Oral English; English Interpretation; English Tour Guiding of Sichuan; Tourism English; Professional Operation of Tour Guiding; Business Etiquette; Practical Writing; Basic Knowledge of Tour Guiding; Guide to English-Speaking Countries; Japanese; Hotel English; Hotel Management.


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