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Electronic Information and Electric Engineering Department

General Introduction


  Department of Electronic Information and Electric Engineering (shortened as Electric Department) has more than 50 instructors, among whom 18 are advanced professional title, 21 are medium professional title, 2 are doctors (one is pursuing his degree) and 32 are masters or would-be masters. Professor Zhang Fengman, American-Chinese, was awarded as excellent foreign teacher in 2007. With strong teaching staff and standardized teaching management, the department has acquired good teaching results and students have got good results in National Electronic Design Competition of College Students in recent years.
  The department has many majors such as Electric Automation Technology, E-Commerce, Computer Multimedia Technology, Auto Electronic Technology, Network Technology, Software Technology and Computer Application and so on. Electric Automation Technology is the teaching reform pilot major in the second group of national vocational college and was awarded as the excellent major of Sichuan Province in 2006. The department has various facilities and training bases to meet teaching requirements.


  Brief Introduction of Majors

  1、Electric Automation Technology
  Training objectives:
  Training talents with high level morality who are capable of controlling, using, installing and debugging, managing and maintaining electric automation equipments, master practical work abilities of simple design, operation management and maintenance of plants’ power systems, electric equipments marketing and after-sale services, acquire practical capabilities of certain equipments development, design and management.
  Main Courses:
  College English, Computer Basic Knowledge, Circuit, Electronic Technology, Microcontroller Theories and Application, Electric Machinery and Drive, Automatic Control Theories, Computer Control Techniques, Project Inspection Techniques, Technology of Enterprise Power, CAD, PLC and Modern Electric Automation Control, Database, Network and Telecommunication Technology, etc.

  2. E-commerce
  Training Objectives:
  to cultivate highly-qualified applicative intellectuals who expertize in E-commerce, marketing and net application and have a solid knowledge of computer and net technologe and trade and marketing and ability of net construction, net marketing, E-commerce seystem constrction and management and E-commerce management.
  Main Courses:
  College English, The Basics of Computer Application, Econimic Mathematics, High-level Language Programming, Business Writing, Business Etiquette, Statistical Masmatics, The Basics of Web Design,Computer System Maintenance, Database Technology, Network Technology,Marketing,International Trade, Introduction of E-commerce, Network Marketing and Planning, E-commerce security infrastructure, E-Commerce Case Study, E-commerce Logistics, Management Information System and Human Resources Systems

  3. Computer Multimedia Technology
  Training Objectives:
  To cultivate highly-qualified applicative intellectuals who master the knowledge and the basic principles of computer and have a solid knowledge of multimedia basic skills to be able to undertake the related work in plane dynamic advertising design and processing, video editing and synthesis, web design and production and interactive multimedia works
  Main Courses:
  Color Composition, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Animation Design, Plane Graphic Design, Image Processing Technology, Three-dimensional Animation, Database Technology, Network Technology, Web Design, Website Programming, Website Design, Multimedia Technology and Application, Television Production and Multimedia Devices

  4. Computer Network System Management
  Training Objectives:
  To train skilled and applied talents with professional basic theoretical knowledge, and would expertise in such fields as network engineering, installation, maintenance and management; website construction, management and maintenance; web design and application, etc.
  Main Courses:
  College English; computer application; computer network technology; TCP/IP protocol; advanced language program design; network security and anti-virus protection; Windows 2003 Server installation, configuration and management; Linux network management system; SQL server2000 installation, configuration and management; FrontPage; network programming and management; scripting language and web design; Exchange 2003 Server configuration and management; network engineering and cabling; comprehensive training of network environmental management; graduation practice and graduation design, etc.

  5. Computer application technology (embedded)
  Training objectives:
  To train practical talents that master technical and managerial skills as NC products; communication equipment; mobile equipment; intelligent household appliance; consumer electronic products; network terminal product design, installation, commissioning, operation and marketing; after-sale service, etc.; and master the basic knowledge of application of electronic technology and professional skills of engineering.
  Main Courses:
  C programming language; electronic technology and electronic circuit CAD; microcomputer principle and application; principle and application of the embedded operating system; ARM and structural assembler language; ARM embedded development; WINCE embedded development, etc.

  6. Computer Information Management
  Training Objectives:
  This major is to train the students to obtain the ability of Computer Information Management; to get familiar with the field of IT; to know about the establishment, the maintainance, the index; the utilization, the application of data base and so on computer information system; to operate the modern office equipment skillfully; and to become the practical talents of IT fields.
  Main Courses:
  The Programming Language; Network Operation System, Database Principles and SQL Serve, Establishment and Management of Local Area Network, Basis of Net web, Flash Animation of Net web, Plan of Net web, Safety of Net web etc.

  7. Software Technology
  Training Objectives:
  This major is to train the students to obtain the ability of creation and hands-on capability; be familiar with the development, test and maintenance of software; and to become the senior practical talents in IT enterprise field.
  Main Courses:
  Fundamentals of Programming, Web Engineering Web, Data Structure and Algorithm, Computer Network Foundation, Database Programming Design of SQL, C# Programming Language, Java Language Programming, Programming of NET Framework based on C# , Programming ADO.NET, Programming of NET Framework based on Windows, Web application programming, Power Designer Data programming, Basis of UML, Practical Software Engineering Method,Development of Oracle/SQL, Application and Development of JSP, etc..

  8. Car Electron Technology
  Training Objectives:
  The senior applied manpower for profession with an intimate knowledge of basic structure and tenet; with proficient grasp of the form and working process of engine, auto gearbox system, ABS, ASR and steering gear, the construct and working process of suspension control system; with the ability of circuit interpret and failure terms.
  Main courses:
  Basic Machinery, Engine Construct and Maintenance, Chassis Construct and Maintenance
  Car Electron Technology, Sensor and Inspection, Car Insurance , Car and Fitting Sales
  Car New Technology, Failure Diagnose and Inspection
  Go in for car insurance and claimant.
  Go in for car electron products sales and production.
  Go in for middle school instruction and experiment.

  9. Building Intellectual Engineering Techniques:
  Training Objectives:
  Senior engineering techniques manpower with morals, wisdom, physique and virtue all round-development; applied manpower of synthetical application of electric automation techniques, computer and telecommunications; qualified manpower of development and design, installation debugging, production and maintenance, technology inspection, quality inspection and service and management.
  Main courses:
  Electron Technology
  Theory and Application of Chip Microprocessors
  Electrical Machinery Haul
  Automation Control Theory
  Computer Control Technology
  Engineering Inspection Technology
  Data and Telecommunication Technology
  Computer Auxiliary Design
  Building Electric Technology
  Building Automation and Synthetical wiring.
  Building Inspection Technology


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